Monday, July 6, 2009

I could have sworn you said there was going to be plenty of room to share. Share. I thought that meant 50/50. So, what percentages did you understand 'share' to be?
Leelu and Razzle (the dog who they said couldn't get along with cats) -- boy, did we prove them wrong!

"Meow, meow. Didn't I tell you to keep that camera out of my face? It's not that I'm doing anything wrong. My paw is not pulling the food towards me; it's resting on the bowl. Meow, meow, yes, yes, that's it! It's resting on the bowl! Get that camera outta my face, meow, meow. I have five sisters--now That's a sister act!
One of Leelu's kittens was caught in the act of pulling the food bowl towards her--akin to the hand in the cookie jar. :)