Science Fiction Reviews

I love science fiction and fantasy. I am okay with blurring the two. The creation of an entirely new world and filling them with characters that are different enough, but resemble the hearts, minds and souls of the people I know and love.

Have to make a point of calling attention to the things I enjoy.


Stargate Universe Resumes after Fall Cliffhanger

SGU Returns with an Alien Adventure Called "Space"

Stargate Universe's "Divided" Deals with Mutiny on the Destiny

Faith Versus Science Questions Raised in SGU's "Faith"

In "Human" SGU's Destiny Crew Faces Fears and Tragedy

Destiny's Stranded Crew and Survival Weigh Heavily in SGU's "Lost"

Stargate Universe's "Pain" Deals With Hallucinations and Emotions

Stargate Universe's Destiny Faces Betrayal in "Subversion"

SGU Finale Pits Destiny Against "Incursion" of the Lucian Alliance

V 2009

V Stands for Visitor and Be Very Afraid When They Visit

V's Finale Pits Aliens Against Humans with Red Sky


Merlin Offers a Fresh Face and New Take on Old Legend of Sorcery