Monday, April 4, 2011

Script Frenzy Off and Running

I am writing my first script, ever. I've read the books, listened to the forums of script writers and plotted my story.

Now, it's time to write. Script Frenzy is 30 days in April, to write 100 pages or more of script. That equates to 3.33 pages a day.

I'm too nervous to wait, so I've written ahead. I'm at 43 pages, only 57 to go, on day four.

So I was excited to read on the Script Frenzy Website the following info about writers who get ahead of the curve:

"The physics of this technique are not completely understood, but it's a scientifically proven fact that writers who manage to get ahead of the page-count curve by the end of the first week of any high-velocity, month-long challenge are 834% more likely to go on to win the event."


Moving on.

I read about Karen Weisner and her multiple year plan for writing, setting down the nuts and bolts in small manageable segments. It was linked from the site. Impressive. If I could do a fraction, I'd feel prolific.

Back to writing. The challenge is on.

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Sandra Patterson said...

Good luck with it, Lyn!