Thursday, October 22, 2009

Computer woes? I rise above.

After a couple of months of computer woes, I refuse to stay down since I live with my computer--even more so since it has been on the fritz. No, not putting on the ritz, quite the contrary.

My dear cpu does things that no one can explain. It is refusing to upload Microsoft critical updates. I've been contacting them for a week. I've deleted files the easy way and the hard way, typing in the lengthy computer codes and downloading third party files which Microsoft says I need, but will not guarantee that they will work or do the job properly. Why can't MS fix their own mistakes?

It's been almost 36 hours since I posted the last, 'It's not working.'

I was trying to update another program, but alas, it too won't work.

Yes, I have checked for viruses and malware etc. My anti virus program that has had fits and spurts of wear says I have too many anti-virus programs, residually on the computer. I asked how to get rid of the extras, since I technically had uninstalled all the others. But I have to contact the company whose site is gumming up my works that I left because it allowed a worm and a virus to destroy my Christmas season and the new year 5 years back and when I said I'd get another competent program, their response was to leave their little piece in my computer, draining resources.

Enough whining. I'm going to get some cheese for that 'whine' LOL. Just deal with it, Lyn. C'est la vie ou le guerre.

See ya,