Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leelu Explores

Leelu, @(-.-)@, our new kitten, from a neighbor's batch of 'oops, my Siamese purebred met the wrong kind and now we have eight', provides better entertainment than TV. She leaps upon fuzz balls--I let my housekeeping go just so she can find playtoys naturally (heh heh)--and everything is a source of joyful discovery. Her ice blue eyes darken when she is suspicious of sounds, but when she's finished her morning aerobics she bounds upon my lap, spins three times before curling into a fluff ball--blue eyes focussed on me, until my hand begins to stroke her long white fur, mottled with the colors of her birth father. Her head rests on her paw and purrs grow louder with each minute, occassionally interrupted by an immediate need to lick a paw or other part of her body.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Leelu sounds like a lovely little kit. There's something so comforting of a cat on your lap (but frustrating with the same cat on your work or your newspaper!)
By the way Lyndsey, thanks for including my blog on your blogroll. I'm flattered :-)