Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creation's Big Bang in Art - An Epiphany

Does art come before reality? Or does reality inspire art? The old chicken and the egg question raised to high brow status. Sometimes art reveals the artistic side within reality. The Big Bang of Creation brings art and reality into sharp focus.

The following YouTube short combines the beauty of art with the function of science and the faith of religion in one exquisite production. Judy Rey Wasserman's brilliant piece speaks for itself.

Listen to the music, read the words, follow the path she paints and be prepared for the Epiphany.

Her paintings move the spirit, her words touch the soul, and the music unites the heart.

Happy Sabbath / Glorious Sunday. May this be an Epiphany for you.

God loves us. So, in the beginning, God created. God sends the Messiah to save us. Believe and we are saved.

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