Monday, February 16, 2009

Things have a way of working out...according to Somerset Maugham

Listening to the news of the economy, people losing jobs and looking at the diminishing pay when one is on commission...all these things are ripe to ruin a good day. But I believe in the idea that all things work together for our good.

I like to reference Somerset Maugham in his short story, 'The Tobacconist' in which the aging janitor is fired for not being able to read; in his depression he takes a walk and looks for a tobacco shop to buy some smokes. When he cannot find a shop, he decides (along with his wife) to take his savings and open a cubbyhole tobacco shop--it is successful and he repeats the pattern 10 times. Sitting with his accountant reviewing his books, his accountant reports his amazement at the fact of his multimillionaire success and that he is unable to read or write. "Just think where you'd be if you could read or write!" his accountant notes, to which the man replies. "If I could read or write, I'd be a janitor."

To that end, I believe things will work for our good. Have a great day and keep hope alive. :)

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