Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Kittens are Squeaking and Rolling around

The kittens are squeaking, much to the consternation of our mutt, Razzle (who maybe should be named Rascal) because she is part Pit bull and Doberman. Since both of those breeds are hunters, Razzle sees a squeaky animal is much better than a squeaky toy because they move. We have the kitten zone barricaded, but we are trying to introduce the pale squeakers to Razzle gently.

They need to interact safely and we give them both little doses of each other's scents. A basket full of kitties on the bed gives Razzle a chance to stick her nose at the edge and the little ones to reach up with their teeny paws and scratch her nose. Their little claws snag more than scratch; tickle more than hurt.

Their round faces have blue eyes with one exception--one has a pink eye and is pure white. Though they are nearly all white, faint markings are beginning to show. Since their parentage is a cross between Persian, Himalayan and Tabby, it will be interesting to see what emerges.

Leelu feeds and licks them well, so they are very clean and plump. Their teeny tiny paws don't sustain their plentiful bellies and round heads, so they mostly drag or roll around. Their bed is in a stack of soft towels, but they snuggle and pile on like a football game tackle rather than lie in a row like sardines. The hair is finally showing on their tails. When they're full grown, they'll have fluffy raccoon tails like Leelu's.

A source of pleasure to all, everyone traipses through the bedroom to peak in the closet drawer--the location which Leelu continues to insist is the best spot. Such is our daily routine, along with constantly replenishing mom's bowl of food and washing an amazing number of towels every day to keep pace with the six charmers whose main goal in life is to eat, poop & pee and, then sleep.

My job is going to increase as they grow bigger and I will need to scoop the litter box and catch the escapees as they go exploring. I take that back. That's what kids are for, right? LOL


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