Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Loss of a Pet Brings Grief, but God has a Plan

I lost my beloved dog of 13 years last week. He had shown no sign other than old age. Suddenly he hovered near me one night. I could tell something was wrong. I picked him up and held him for several hours–I stroked him, wondering what was wrong. He twisted–his way of saying, “I want to get down.” so I put him gently on the floor. He crawled under my chair and curled up. I heard him whimper and breathe irregularly. He died in the night and I found his little body curled as if asleep. We buried him that day and planted a tree over him in our garden. I miss him profoundly.

I understand my grief and the grief of others in this situation and wish each who has lost their dearly loved pet will find in the coming days that there are glimpses of peace and comfort. I am a Christian, a chaplain and I believe in the afterlife.

My God loves beautiful things as the creator of the infinite universe, galaxies, dimensions and quantum tachyons and our little world we call earth. My God is love. God does not waste precious resources.

I believe that the animal friends we are entrusted with during their short lives are one of God’s gifts to us to reflect unconditional love that God offers us. Humans struggle with unconditional love. Animals don’t seem to have difficulty with it at all.

My God of love who doesn’t waste creation has a plan for the well being of everything. Matthew speaks to God looking after the sparrows and flowers, saying that King Solomon was not arrayed as these. The God who loves us enough to care for flowers and sparrows, loves yours and my cat and/or dog. God has a plan.

God’s plans are often unfathomable. They are always loving, always wise and have our best at heart.

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