Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leelu and her Kittens

Leelu was barely a kitten when she slept with the wrong sort, the ugly gray cat down the block with the smashed face. Now she has six tiny babies with rat-like tails and translucent skin and fuzzy fur.

They haven't opened their eyes but that doesn't stop them from finding their place to suckle of mom's bounty. Seeing the gray hued fur on five of them, one standing out with pure white fur, lined up like sardines in a row; some suckling, others hanging on with their mouths, but asleep touches me with a sense of peace. All is right with the world.

Their pug faces are a tribute to the gray cat down the block. Mom has beautiful markings on her white fur. Her blue eyes stare with unflinching stance, taking in all activity around her. Aware always of the needs of her little ones--she knows when to relax and when to fight.

Speaking of fighting, two of the little ones vie for the same spot and blindly strike at each other with scrawny claws. Humorous to behold. It brings a smile to my day and I hope to yours.

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james.pyles said...

As you say, every story paints a picture...or a picture of a rose.