Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leelu and the kittens - motherhood

I can't help seeing how similar Leelu's entrance into motherhood paralleled mine.

Leelu explored anywhere and everywhere, outside and inside; on the go and attractive to those she encountered.

I explored many lands and locations; researched diligently outside and inside and people I met indicated they appreciated my attention.

Motherhood descended upon Leelu and she spends her time nurturing her suckling little ones; remanded to the box I created for her.

Motherhood descended upon me and I nurture my little ones who, as they grow older, increase their demands on my time and energies. (Some days they seem to 'suck' the life out of me. LOL) Do I feel stuck? Honestly, somedays, yes. Most of the time, no. For the rewards outweigh the challenges.

Leelu creeps out of her box for short excursions while bugling-tummy-kitties doze in the plush towels bunched together to keep warm.

I creep out, through the net, while my little ones doze or are otherwise occupied--as long as they are satisfied.

Leelu returns to snuggle and comfort her precious charges the moment they whimper.

I turn to my precious charges when requested and give comfort and hugs when they let me.

Motherhood is motherhood...regardless of the species.


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