Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Thought My Darling Cat Was Dying

I can't remember a time I recommended a particular product in its own article. I've rated things, but rarely paused to comment. However, I thought my darling twenty-one year old cat was dying. After all, old age and dying are normal. Of all my pets, she is the light of my life, both beautiful and the sweetest, most temperate pet I’ve had.

A week ago, she yowled as if she were dying. The out-of-character behavior alerted me to watch her. I tracked and observed her heaving and throwing up. The vomiting continued until each time she did so, it was no longer food, but bile.

Day 12: Fancying up the cat food.

She cried, whimpered and yowled. I grabbed the old dog bed, and covered it with a plush towel, insuring my smell on it, and set it beside me at my desk. I placed water and her favorite food beside her. She lay curled up on the towel, but turned away from food and water with disdain. Cats eat related to scent and stomach cravings, as well as stress free/settled environment.

Just before leaving (2 of 4)

Long story short, she refused food, water and wasted away in front of my eyes. The vet cost $245 with a certainty of more fees for subsequent shot-visits to deal with her hyperthyroidism.

Her eyes seeped and her listlessness distressed me. I stroked her and she barely moved her head towards my hand in affection.

I searched the web daily for other’s experience with her condition. I discovered after five days. I’d seen my sweet Jaz waste away to nearly nothing, continuing to refuse food, although I saw her lick some water from the small bowl I kept by her. She kept losing weight. A cat losing weight has little reserves. I needed to find a way to nourish her.

On, I discovered Resthyro as a treatment for hyperthyroidism. Reading reviews of pet lovers, convinced me to risk trying it on Jaz. When the box arrived, I force fed two drops of Resthyro. She was too weak to resist my opening her mouth. She barely swallowed and curled into a ball and slept. Tempting her several times a day with food over the last week, to no avail, so I force fed a special mix of emulsified fresh liver and water, vitamins, and tissue salts. Earlier attempts had resulted in her throwing up everything I gave her. After one day of taking Resthyro, her stomach settled. No vomiting.

Scout Close-Up

This is the third day of giving her two drops of Resthyro twice daily. When I forced fed her she scratched me—a joyous moment—because she’s been too listless to resist until now. I see her life returning. Her weakness is reduced. She is resting comfortably. The crying and yowling has stopped. Just now, she sat up, drank water, jumped down off my desk and walked outside to do her business.

Ginger's Food

I didn’t expect such results for three weeks. Natural remedies often take longer, but this change is stunning. I emulsified fresh liver with a cup of water and have been feeding her with a syringe. She hasn’t thrown up and is growing stronger. Holding her head up, she is resting comfortably and looking around her.

I can’t recommend and Resthyro enough for a cat with hyperthyroidism. The quality of life for my sweet Jaz is looking up. I have not written a review such as this. To have observed so drastic a change in her behavior and demeanor brings me joy. The prospects for her quality of life in three weeks and more are encouraging.

I couldn't get my pictures to work, so I used flickr and pictures that are close to looking like my Jaz. These sickly cats resemble her, the first photo, taken on its last day. My condolences on their loss.

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Freelance Freeman said...

My cat is in a similar predicament right now, and nothing is helping.
I have had him on thyroid medicine for months, but he's lost 4 pounds and is so weak. Bloodwork shows thyroid T4 at 13 and his liver values way up to 9. His ears turned yellow and he will not eat.
Should I try Resthyro?

how is your kitty now?

please write me as soon as possible. One vet prescribed a bunch of antibiotics and pain meds plus sub Q fluids and the holistic doc remedies made him much worse and barely able to walk or breathe. I am desperate!