Saturday, December 4, 2010

Humor at Christmas Avoid the Rush

Holiday fun or Holiday stress?

Some days the car won't start on the subzero temperature day and you left your gloves at home; you are standing at the cashier of the line you waited in for thirty minutes and you discover you left your wallet in the other pants/purse/jacket; or your credit card is stuck in the machine from the gum your kid dropped in your wallet after you told him not-to-be-rude-and-drop-ABC-gum-on-the-floor-but-put-it-in-your-purse-instead, and for a change he obeyed you. So gum is on the corner of the checkbook, the zipper of your wallet coin purse, the tissue packet that he opened at the wrong end, so now the Kleenex are all freed of plastic confinement, ostensibly to wrap around the gum. Ah yes, there is a fragment of gum attached to a corner of a tissue.

So, how is your day?

With the flurry of activity at the holidays, and the meaning of Christmas getting lost in the shuffle of gift buying, packaging and mailing, parties and obligations, the holidays can stress people to the nth degree. Santa is no exception.

One of my favorite editors tells this glimpse into the stress of the North Pole at this time of year.

Warning: the subject is a little known fact and a little risque. Venture at your own risk of rolling on the floor laughing...

Behler Blog

The Tree

Ah yes, the angel atop the tree brings a smile to your face. Have a happy holidays and try a little humor to de-stress your life.

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