Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who Owns Your Internet Access? Net Neutrality?

In the ever changing internet and electronic scene, the roles of corporations and the public welfare are confusing and uncertain. Can we trust that corporations who are vying for control of the internet and electronic access have the public's interest at heart?

Read the article, The Game of Monopoly, in Publishers Weekly about Tim Wu's new book, The Master Switch. It delves into the past history of technology companies and how they started with innovation, but once gaining the upper hand or monopoly, turned and stifled inventions and access.

Net Neutrality And Creative Freedom (Tim Wu at re:publica 2010)

Comcast, who bought out NBC, is asking for the right to have vertical tiers of internet access. Public and Premium. Google and Verizon have joined forces to gain control. What is net neutrality?

Doesn't that mean that they become the filter through which all information is processed? Do you want Comcast to decide what news you can read about on the internet? What programs you can see? Is it a form of censorship? Do you want Comcast to be your censor?

Did you know that AT&T's monopoly of the phone service prevented the answering machine from development for many years, wanting the public to use their phone booths to communicate?

Why is this important? We all need to be responsible for what we encourage the government to allow. Read up. Be aware and contact your representative with your views.

Check out Senator Franken, speaking on "Net Neutrality" which he says is a first amendment issue.

Should there be a public and premium internet access?

What are the upsides?

What are the downsides?

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